Anti Hair-fall:
Hair fall has become the most common problems today. The main causes are stress, fatigue due to lack of sleep, side effects of existing medication, improper diet, Hormonal imbalance and so on.
Some of these can be prevented but what is needed is an effective strategy to counter the existing condition with an effective anti hair fall treatment regimen. When you have started noticing that your hairline is receding, it is important for you to act.
This is when you can consider the excellent anti Hair-fall solution from Kolors. Our clinically proven treatments are scientificall
Skin Clinic:
Healthy Skin makes you very confident, thus taking care of it is most essential. Kolors engages you with the most experienced personnel who provide end-to- end holistic solutions with our skin care treatment clinic. Our Skin care clinic is one of its kind and the best as we provide solutions that are enriching and that are customized as per your body type.

Many treatments such as Anti-aging treatment, Laser hair removal treatment, Wrinkle treatment, dark spot removal treatment and more are provided at Kolors with effective results.

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Are you battling with excess hair loss problems? Now regain your lost hair and confidence with Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Re-growth Treatment. PRP is a non-invasive procedure that stimulates the damaged hair follicles thereby making way for hair to grow naturally.
The treatment is fully natural and suits men and women. It is safe and reliable as persons own Platelet rich Plasma is used to generate new hair and to improve hair thickness in the scanty areas of the scalp where multiple injections are given into Hair roots.

Treating Hair Loss with PRP:
Thinning and Hair Loss have becom
Skin Clinic:

Along with the Cosmetic and the Beauty Aspects, Kolors mainly focuses on Health and Wellness
with unmatched care. With some of the most experienced personnel, Kolors brings end-
to-end holistic solutions with the best skin care treatment clinic.

The Highlights of Skin Care Clinic at Kolors:
• Fairness Treatment
• Anti-ageing treatment
• Deep scar removal
• Laser hair removal treatment
• Skin polishing
• Moles and warts removal
• Under eye dark circles (Panda eyes) removal
• Wrinkle treatment
• Acne treatment
• Dark spot treatment
• All peel t
Dark Spot Removal Treatment:
Dark spots are caused when there is excess melanin secretion in some specific areas of the
body. Some are light brown and some are fully black. They may be caused because of frequent
exposure to Sun, or could be signs of Aging.

Kolors uses a wide variety of dark spot removal treatments such as lasers and radio frequency,
skin peels, lotions and creams. Kolors Healthcare analyzes your unique body type to deliver a
treatment that best suits you. Kolors gives excellent treatment for Dark spot removal and gives
you a fresh look and a smooth skin tone.

Inch loss:
Stubborn Fat is a constant concern. In this fast paced life-style people hardly find time for fitness and exercise. Fat gets deposited in various body parts impacting the overall health of the individual.
This is when Kolors helps you get the best shape and also restores your confidence. A perfectly designed customized slimming and inch-loss program that seeks to bring the best possible solutions to the clients along with aligning expectations with reality.
Kolors Inch-loss treatment burns fat effectively without any adverse impact on the overall health. An absolutely non-surgic
Fairness Treatment:
Fairness Treatment for a gorgeous and glowing Skin
Fairness Treatment is most commonly known as Skin whitening; skin lightening, skin bleaching, Skin brightening and so on. The treatment is associated with getting a fairer tone to the skin using natural or artificial-chemical agents. Many a times this may cause harm to Skin. Often Skin becomes dark because of various reasons such as exposure to sun, lifestyle habits like smoking, hormonal changes and so on. Each cause requires a different approach with the solution that suits.
This is where the Kolors Skin Fairness tr
Wrinkles Treatment:
With the passing age the Collagen production and laxity of skin reduces. This develops into folds and wrinkles. With the high levels of pollution today, wrinkles have begun to appear in earlier life stages as signs of premature aging.
Previously people would go in for cosmetic surgery but with the present advancements there are many non-surgical alternatives too. Kolors is committed to maintaining highest standards in operations, quality and focus. We deliver world-class wrinkle treatment solutions that are holistic in approach and very much affordable.
Kolors provides
Deep Scar Removal Treatment:
Severe Cystic Acne during the teen years leaves deep scars on Skin. This need not specifically be on the face alone. Scar removal requires excellent expertise and the best of technology.
This is where Kolors Healthcare helps you with the best of the best solutions for all your Skin care worries. We make your aspirations a reality.
Kolors is a one stop shop for all your Skin care concerns and provides the best Deep Scar Removal Treatment with proven results.
Highlights of the deep scar removal treatment delivered by Kolors
• Treatment is provided in a perfect
Laser Hair Removal
Excess Body Hair can be a source of annoyance. Thus, most people go for plucking; waxing, tweezing and shaving which many times may be painful options.
Now, Kolors offers one of the best & painless laser treatments for hair removal. So, bid good- bye to unwanted hair permanently. Our laser treatment for hair removal is effective and works best on all types of skin and hair textures
Kolors is the best for Skin care because of its latest and the most advanced technology used. It is highly effective, and is your gateway to a ‘smooth’ appearance.
Join the best Skin & Ha
PRP Hair Loss Treatment:
Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Re-growth Treatment is a non-invasive procedure that stimulates the damaged hair follicles, thereby making way for hair to grow naturally. The treatment is fully natural and suits men and women.
PRP plays an important role to treat hair loss, thinning and stimulates hair growth. Kolors Healthcare uses the most effective methods of PRP Treatment. The hair care techniques and expertise of our Dermato -Trichologists makes Kolors one of the top-brands today.
PRP is recommended for those who have genetic and patterned hair loss. PRP effectively
Skin Polishing:

Skin goes through various effect of pollution, exposure to external elements, aging and thestress of our lifestyle. This may increase the dead skin cells making you look older than youractual age. So, how can you get back your lost glow?

Skin polishing treatment at Kolors is the answer.

At Kolors, a gentle exfoliation procedure is done that is combined with various peels and herbalextracts removing the dead layers of the skin and bringing forth the radiance from within.

Kolors Skin Polishing treatment is absolutely non-aggressive and eliminates wrinkles, fine lines