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In our Edmonton vape shop, you can select the nicotine level according to your preferences. That’s not it! There are so many e-liquid flavors to choose from. We have many types of e-cigs available too! Plus, you can buy everything online! Are you still waiting? If you are looking for vape supplies Canada then you may visit our official website.

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Riverside Edmonton, These mods are much more suitable for advanced vapers rather than ones who have just begun vaping. Also known as ‘Bare Bone’ vaporizers, unregulated mods consist of a simple machinery and allow vapers complete control over their device. Mechanical mods consist of a tube or a casing used for holding a battery with a physical button present somewhere on the tube. Vapers need to press this button in order to use their mod.

For more information:
Tel:- 587-524-8273
Website:- www.Rivercityvapes.com