Social media platforms have become a part of our daily lives. From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and the like, the world of social media continues to catch our attention, at least for a few hours every day. Such has been the impact of these social media sites on the Millennials that businesses who fail to capture the power that these sites have, fail to survive in this fiercely competitive era for long.

But to make the best of this dynamic world of social media, every business and marketer needs some essential tools. And while there are several great tools out there, not all of them are as helpful as they may seem. To help you sort the brilliant tools from the not-so-brilliant ones, we have prepared a list. Keep reading to learn about five super helpful social media tools that you must start using at the earliest!


A free tool to help you search and curate content, Refind is something that every marketer needs. Save links you would want to read later, know what your friends have saved and get recommendations based on your saved links. You can also know how many people have already saved a particular link, helping you understand its likability and its content quality. In case you wish to find and read articles on your mobile, then you can even download Refind’s iOS or Android app to stay content savvy, always.


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