Salar de Uyuni is a famous salt flat and it has acquired a massive area of ten thousand square kilometers and its salt containing is approximately more than ten billion tons. Additionally, Bolivia salt lake Uyuni, is the store of more than fifty percent of lithium reserves in the entire world. Apart from that, it is located more than 3656 meters above than sea level. This is the reason for which, people want to experience this iconic view and the magnificent storehouse of nature.


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    Traveling to Bolivia? A visit to Bolivia Salt Flats in Uyuni with a tour operator like Esmeralda Tours is once-in-a-lifetime experience, providing an incredible glimpse into the surreal realm of Bolivian southwest. Our Bolivian salt flats tour includes exploration of a vast salt flat – renowned for its mirrored aesthetic, endless Salar de Uyuni horizon, otherworldly starkest whites and deepest blues.

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